This article covers how to gate CMS collections, pages, and/or folders on your website without having to write any code.

Hide pages and folders

Step 1 → Get started by going to the Memberships page and creating a new membership. Half way down the process, you'll see see a button to Hide content.

Step 2 → Give your content group a descriptive name and enter URLs of any pages or folders you'd like to hide. You can use Starts with to hide multiple pages (including those created in the future) and Equals to hide individual pages right now.

Step 3 → Specify an "Access Denied" URL. This could be a pricing page, a login page, etc. It's entirely up to you.

Step 4 → You can add multiple types of hidden content. For this example, we have "Basic" and "Premium." Later on, we'll create memberships that unlock each of these groups.

Step 5 → If you want to hide individual elements (but not the entire page), we recommend doing so once you've finished setting up the rest of your site.

Create a membership to "unlock" hidden content.

Note: Members can't access hidden pages until they have a membership with the correct permissions. A green lock means the membership grants access. A red lock means the content is not accessible to this plan.

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