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What and Why?

Offer coupons for one-time or forever use — based on a fixed amount or a percentage of your membership. Reward loyal customers or offer to new customers.

Before continuing: Coupons can only be applied to memberships without a free trial.


When enabled, an option to apply a coupon code will show up in your billing modal.

Step 1 → To create coupons on Memberstack, you will need to connect your Stripe account. Here's the page in Memberstack.

Step 2 → In the app, go to Sales > Coupons

Step 3 → Click + New Coupon

Step 4 → Enter the Coupon code members must enter to redeem the coupon

Discount Amount:

Select Percentage to reduce the total price by a relative amount.

Select Fixed Amount to reduce the price by a fixed dollar amount.

Discount Duration:

Select One-time to collect payment information and apply a coupon to the first invoice.

Select Forever to apply the coupon indefinitely. Note: You can create a 100% off forever coupon to grant free access to paid membership without collecting payment information.


Select which memberships should accept this coupon. This new coupon can only be redeemed when subscribing to a checked membership.

Coupon expiration date:

Create an expiration date for your coupons so customers can only have limited time access.

Coupon redemption limit:

Limit the total number of times a coupon can be redeemed.

This is what your members will see when coupons are enabled. Note: if the balance is $0.00 Forever the card input will disappear.

Note: When a coupon is applied it applies to the full amount (incl. setup fees).

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