Want to know what your members see when they go to manage their profile, cancel their membership, or update their card?

One of the biggest perks of starting an online business or moving more of your business online is that you can let members manage themselves.

Memberstack comes with a plug-and-play profile UI that lets members view and update their profile information, reset their password, and manage their current membership.

Profile information, email, and password

Profile information → is only visible/editable after an admin creates a custom field on the Forms & Fields page.
Tip: you can also hide custom fields to prevent members from editing them.

Email address → Self-service portals just got more self-serve. Members can securely update their email address right from their profile modal.

Change password → is handy for members who know their password, but want a new one. If a member forgets their password, they can verify their email address and create a new one.

Current membership, payment method, and billing history

Manage membership → is handy for paying members who want to know when their subscription renews and who wish to cancel their membership. Note: You can disable the cancellation button with a bit of custom code.

When a member cancels their membership, their membership stays active until the remainder of their subscription. If you want to cancel a member immediately, you would have to cancel in Memberstack and then cancel in Stripe.

Payment Method → This section allows members to update their card at any point. Note: This section only appears for paying members.

Billing history → is where we place the PDF invoices that Stripe generates. This section only appears for members with an invoice.

How to enable member profiles

Step 1 → Add the #/ms/profile link as the value for any hyperlink (text, button, etc) on your website — clicking this hyperlink will cause the profile modal to pop up.

You can find the link on the Forms page under the Profile tab.

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