Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. They're a simple way for software to "talk" to each other and get notified automatically when something new happens. In many cases, you'll need to know how to use webhooks if you want to automatically push data from one app to another.

To get started, head over the Webhooks page and click on the + New Webhook button.

Then, you'll need to provide an endpoint and select the type of Trigger you want to send the Webhook.

The current possible trigger types are as follows (more to be released): 

  • New member
  • Member updated¬†
  • Membership cancelled¬†
  • Member deleted

This is great for integrating with services like :

  • Integromat
  • Automate
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Workato
  • PieSync
  • Tray.io
  • Zeleo
  • Parabola
  • Actiondesk
  • Coda
  • Zenaton
  • And more!
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