Current version: 1.2.0

How to access Memberstack's Zapier app‍

Follow the steps below or check out this quick Tutorial Video.

Join the beta → Use this invite link to gain access to our Zapier app.

Generate an API Key → Zapier will ask you to input an API key from Memberstack. You'll find that key on the Integrations page. Use the button to reveal your API key.

‍IMPORTANT: Keep your API key safe! If you share it with the wrong people, they can use it to access your account. Also, your existing integrations will break if you generate a new one.

What's possible with the Zapier app


What's a trigger? Triggers are how you can start automated workflows whenever something happens in Memberstack. New members, profile updates, plan cancellations, and deletions are triggers that provide essential data you can pass to another application. E.g. When a member signs up → send them an email in Mailgun.

  • New member
  • Member updated (profile information excluding membership)
  • Membership cancelled - fires immediately for one time memberships and at the end of the billing cycle for recurring memberships.
  • Member deleted
  • Membership Changed


What's an action? Actions are what happens after a trigger is fired.

  • Update member
  • Create free member (available on Scale plan or higher)

New member in Memberstack

email: member email address.
   type: Free or Paid
   subscribed_to: is the unique ID associated with that membership plan.
   status: action, canceled, trialing, etc.
   id: is unique to each member. This will change when a member changes membership levels.
   Custom fields created in Memberstack.
created_at: year, month, day and time this member was created.
id: the unchanging & unique ID that identifies this member.

Member updated in Memberstack (excluding membership info)

Membership canceled

Member deleted

Update member action

In the following example, Tip One, Name, and Webflow ID are custom fields.

Create member action (available on Scale plan or higher)

In the following example, Tip One, Name, and Webflow ID are custom fields.

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