There are times when it makes sense to "exclude" some pages from a group of members-only content. The most common exclusion we see is when you're using a single Content Management System (CMS) collection or folder to manage both free and premium membership content.

Here is a quick workaround to help exclude URLs from Memberstack:

Step 1: Expand your folder

Instead of hiding everything inside a folder (Marked in image below as a red icon), we recommend getting more specific.

Solution 1 → Hide everything inside a subfolder (Marked in image below as first green icon).

Solution 2 → Hide everything that begins with a certain keyword like "pro-" (Marked in image below as second green icon).

Step 2 - Organize/tag your hidden pages

When you or a client adds pages in the future, you will simply add the page to the appropriate subfolder (mentioned in "Solution 1") or begin the slug with the designated word (mentioned in "Solution 2").

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