This brief guide describes one way to use the "update member" action in Zapier. You can find an invite link to access Zapier on our integrations page.

Trigger a Zap

Step 1 → Trigger a zap when a new member is created in Memberstack.

Create a page

Step 2 → Create a CMS page and assign it a slug.

Update the Member

Step 3 → Send the slug generated in step 2 back to Memberstack. You'll need it to update the Member Page field. Now anytime a user signs up, a specific page will be created and assigned to their account. We recommend setting your signup redirect to the login page. Their account will be ready by the time they finish entering their details.

Redirect members to their page after signup

Having a user redirected to their member-specific page after signup is a bit tricky because zapier takes time to process.

Here is a workaround we like to use:

  • Redirect the user to a custom page that says something like "Generating custom page. An email will be sent to you soon with a link!"
  • Add another action in Zapier that sends a link to the new member-specific page. The email would say something similar to "Excelsior! Our system has just generated your unique member page! You can see it at LINK".
  • By the time the user checks their email Zapier will have the new page created!

Redirect members to their page after login

If you want your users to be redirected to their member-specific page after they login follow step 5 on this page.

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