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  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Technical background needed: Intermediate
  • Estimated time required to complete: 5-10 mins

This quick tutorial will show you how to setup a simple membership site in WordPress.

Getting started.

Step 1 → If you have't already, create a new site in WordPress.

By the way: You're going to need access to the site's header code to complete the integration.

Step 2 → Create a new site in Memberstack.

Create a new account or navigate to the all websites page. At this time (10 Feb 2020) we don't have an official WordPress integration. So for now, you'll need to select Squarespace and refer to this tutorial during setup.

Install the Memberstack Header Script

Step 3 → Navigate to the Install Code page. Copy and paste the code snippet into the header of your site. Not sure how to access your site's header code? Checkout this article for more info.

Step 4 → Publish your WP site.

Create a membership & signup form

Step 5 → Head over to the Memberships page and create your first membership. You can setup your members-only content now, or update this later.

Step 6 → Click on the green bolt icon on the right hand side of the page. You'll see a link that looks like #ms-signup-0239p99sjd09u9. Copy and paste that into your site. When a user clicks on the link, Memberstack will launch the signup process.

Step 7 → Publish your site and test.

Please see the tutorial video for further instructions on hiding pages, menu links, etc.

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