Setting up trials:

Companies offer free trials to show their prospective customers the value they'll get if they decide to buy the product. It's super simple to set up free trials in Memberstack. 

Step 1 - Navigate to 'Memberships' in your dashboard.
Step 2 - Fill out plan name, select 'Require Payments, fill out billing frequency, and then select the 'Free Trial' toggle.
Step 3 - Once you have turned the Free Trial toggle on you can then select how many days you would like the trial to last. 

Step 4 - Create and save🎉


1. Can I require a credit card for my free trial so that I can automatically charge customers when the trial has finished? 

  • Unfortunately it isn't yet possible to require a credit card for free trials however this is definitely on our roadmap. For now there are some possible workarounds: 

Workaround: If your current trial period is 30 days, we recommend giving folks a free 'month' coupon in place of a free trial that way you can collect their card details and automatically bill them when the coupon ends. 

2. What happens at the end of the free trial? 

A message appears prompting users to enter their card details.

  • Another workaround to encourage your members to sign up and pay at the end of the free trial period is to:  
  1. Add a delay in Zapier after a trial account is created
  2. When the free trial is over send users to a pricing page with a choice of monthly or annual subscription

3. Can I upgrade a membership with a Free Trial? 

  • No. Upgrading to a membership with a free trial does not give your customers the free trial.  The only way the free trial gets applied is if they initially signup for it.

Note: Do not setup trials manually in Stripe, this will cause Memberstack to break.

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