We have recently been giving our Support Channels a makeover💅

We now have; Intercom chat widget, the Forum and a Slack channel. We aim for an overall response rate within 24 hours.


Best for - For paid accounts, you will find the chat widget on your dashboard. We reply to most requests within 8 hours, and reply to all requests within 24hrs on weekdays.


Best for - bug reports, questions, and how to steps. Also a great place to get to know the community better. We aim to reply within 24 hours on weekdays.


Best for - to share ideas, get to know the community and ask questions. We try to keep a tab on this but have had to focus on some of our other support channels to handle the increased number of support tickets we’re getting as more people join the product.

If you're new or getting started:

For technical help & troubleshooting: We’ve been steadily adding detailed articles & tutorials to this Help Center.

If you have a bug/challenge/problem that you need to chat with someone about: the Forum is the best place. Post in there with as much detail as possible.

When submitting a bug report, this is the type of information we are looking for:

Bug Description:

OS/Browser/Platform Information

  • OS: (e.g. macOS, Windows)
  • Browser: (e.g. Chrome, Safari, IE11)
  • Platform: (e.g. Squarespace, Webflow, HTML)

How To Reproduce - Please provide the steps that are needed in order to reproduce the bug:


1. Go to...

2. Click on...

3. Bug happens

Expected Behavior

Please describe what the expected behavior is.

Eg: "When clicking the button, a modal should appear"

Screenshots/Screen Videos:

If possible, please take a screenshot or a screen video of the bug. It's helpful when the browser console is included in this screenshot/screen video. See how you can open the console within your browser here

We are open to suggestions, ideas or improvements on our support channels so if you have any feedback we would love to hear🙏

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