If you haven't published any memberships:

Head on over to the Stripe page on your dashboard, and click Disconnect.

If you have any paying members or published memberships:

You'll see an error that says "Please contact us to disconnect your Stripe account."

This is because Memberstack requires all active members to have a Stripe customer in a connected Stripe account. Any members that have currently paid will break because they are in the stripe account that got disconnected. For example, if a member attempts to cancel their account from the profile modal, the attempt will error out because Memberstack can't communicate with Stripe. This will be the case for almost any payment-related action.

To avoid these issues you'll need to:

  1. Delete all paying members which will result in their subscriptions being canceled.

  2. Disconnect your old Stripe account.

  3. Connect your new Stripe account.

  4. Have your previous paying members sign up again.

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