"Help! I think my button is broken - I can't accept payments; nothing happens when the button is clicked."

The most common reason for this is that your account in Stripe is "Pending Review":


Pending means the account is being reviewed by Stripe. This occurs when:

  • Stripe is verifying the information that was provided, such as an ID document upload.

  • Stripe is performing a watchlist check against a list of prohibited individuals and businesses.

  • Stripe is reviewing the account for suspected fraudulent activity.

Payouts can be enabled or disabled for accounts with a pending status. When payouts are disabled, no action is required by you. Stripe automatically updates the account’s status once the review is finished.


Enabled means the account is in good standing, though additional information might be required if another payment volume threshold is reached. Hovering over the status badge displays:

  • What information Stripe might request in the future.

You can read more on this here or message Stripe's support team to get accurate timeframes.

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